Jeannie Mai Reveals She SUPPORTS TI Having His Adult Daughter’s Body INSPECTED!

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In what has to be the strangest news of the day, anti-sex trafficking activist and sexual abuse survivor Jeannie Mai revealed on The Real today that she actually agrees with what TI is doing in making sure his daughter’s hymen is still in tact.

She said “I support what TI is doing” before she went on to explain how difficult it must be to communicate with a child of the opposite gender.

I was so surprised to hear Jeannie Mai, the woman who I admire for standing up for women’s rights and calling out her abuser and calling out the people who buy and sell women’s bodies for money – I was so surprised to hear her say that she supports TI physically being in the room with his daughter and making the doctor check to see if her hymen is still present.

Now I have several issues with what Jeannie said and I’m just going to quickly break them down.

  1. I don’t like that people are using their own experiences to justify what they do to other people. Jeannie brought up the fact that she used to sneak boys into her room as a reason for her supporting TI. But just because Jeannie was bringing boys in her room doesn’t mean that TI’s daughter or any other young woman (because let’s not forget his daughter is a woman) is doing that. And the same goes for TI. The fact that TI is ok with his son’s being sexually active but not his daughters tells me that he’s probably remembering how he “used” to treat women and doesn’t want his daughter treated that way.
  2. Secondly, I’m surprised Jeannie agrees with TI because she’s worked so hard to stop women from being treated like products in her anti-sex trafficking work. This is a quote from Jeannie when she was discussing sex-trafficking with Forbes magazine. She said “[sex trafficking victims] only know a world where they are a product.” Now it seems to me that TI is treating his daughter like a product, like a piece of fruit or a product that he’s inspecting to see if it has any blemishes or any damage. And I can’t believe that Jeannie would say she supports that if she really supports women knowing that their value is NOT connected to their bodies.
  3. Thirdly, I wonder if the fact that TI and Jeezy are friends is influencing how Jeannie talks about TI on The Real. TI and Jeezy have done songs together in the past. And they seem to have a pretty friendly relationship now. So I’m just wondering if the fact that TI is a friend of her boo, has her changing her tune and acting like what TI is doing is OK when it goes against everything her brand is about.
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