Rumor Report: Bravo Will Film Apollo’s First Meeting With Phaedra & Their Kids

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I have been hearing that the Bravo cameras will film Apollo’s first reunion with Phaedra and their kids, Ayden and Dylan. I first heard this rumor from an individual who said that Phaedra has been in talks with Bravo to make an appearance on Season 12 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. She’s not scheduled to come back to the show holding a peach or even as a friend. But according to this source, she is scheduled to make an appearance with Apollo of course.

As I’ve mentioned before, the word on the curb is that Bravo is only interested in filming with Phaedra if Apollo is in the mix as well. They are not interested in Phaedra’s life as a single mother. They just want the drama between her and Apollo – and clearly there is plenty of drama going on with them.

So what do you think of this rumor that Apollo and Phaedra are going to film their first meeting together with their kids after his release from prison? Do you think they will appear on RHOA? Or do you think Phaedra is never going to be on RHOA again after what she did?

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