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Update! Nicole Murphy Apologizes To Lela Rochon, Thought He Was Single

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Y’all I really feel like Nicole Murphy must think we’re fools. After being caught kissing MARRIED director Antoine Fuqua on the mouth she first said they were just “family friends.” Now she’s come out with a new statement apologizing to Lela Rochon and has the people around her telling TMZ that she thought Antoine Fuqua was single!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about Nicole Murphy’s apology to Lela Rochon and the Fuqua family. Do you think she really believed he was single? Do you think she is that naive? Or do you think she knew what she was doing and is just trying to clean it up now?

2 thoughts on “Update! Nicole Murphy Apologizes To Lela Rochon, Thought He Was Single

  • Jacqueline D Jelks

    I think Nicole is embarrassed and yes I do believe his wife set them up . They thought they were safe on the Island from the paparazzi, and felt comfortable showing pda with each other because they never felt like their antics would be headline news. Also, Nicole knew better she’s just surprised they were caught and decided to appologize for her part in the indiscretion. Too little to late it’s best if she says less because now she is playing with everyone’s intelligence. Ijs….

  • Dear Lela Rochon,
    Get Over It. Your Husband is a hunk and is only human. He needs prayer as does all of us. I don,t think he liked her nor wanted her. He simply took advantage of an opportunity to be a dog! I believe you are his hot love and does not plan to risque his dream come true . Stay happy and be at peace. Love is forgiving especially when it comes to tramps or dumb blondes.

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