Fashion Nova Accused of Knocking Off Black Fashion Designers AGAIN! #culturevulture

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So last night I was minding ya’lls business scrolling through Instagram and I was tagged in a post by Army veteran turned fashion designer, Mercedes Dericho, who is the founder of the fashion brand RisqueDukes. And she informed me that Fashion Nova had stolen one of her swimsuit designs and was selling it on their website as if it were their design!

She posted a picture of Alexis Sky wearing the swimsuit on her Instagram promoting it for Fashion Nova, since Alexis is one of the influencers that FN uses. And she said in her caption:

As Mercedes mentioned, this is not the first time that Fashion Nova has been accused of stealing the designers of independent designers, then selling them on their website as if they are their own designs. Websites like Fashion Nova, Missguided and Forever 21 have been called out time and time again for copying the designs of smaller, independent designers – most of whom are women of color.

Fashion Nova in particular has been accused of copying the designs of women of color, then using other women of color – including influencers like Alexis Sky & Cardi B – to promote the designs that they’ve copied to women of color for them to buy. And that’s why a lot of people now consider Fashion Nova to be culture vultures and have called them out on it. It’s like they’re stealing from the culture and then using the culture to sell it back to the culture!

According to Revelist, fashion designer Jai Nice called out Fashion Nova last year for having the audacity to order one of her hoodies from her website, and use it to copy her design, then send it back requesting a refund! She even had proof that one of the Fashion Nova employees had ordered it and sent it back from the Fashion Nova shipping department.

Jai Nice did not receive a response from Fashion Nova after she called them out. And as a matter of fact, they blocked her on Instagram! And months later they appeared to copy another one of her designs!

But another fashion designer, Luci Wilden, the fashion designer behind UK brand Knots and Vibes did receive a response from FN after she called them out for stealing one of her crochet dress designs, knot for knot!

She posted:

Luci did try contacting Fashion Nova by email about them copying her design. And this is the response she received:

Fashion Nova blamed the wholesale vendors that they buy from and said that they are the ones that must have copied her design and then sold the copycat dresses to Fashion Nova. So they didn’t admit that they copied her dress at all!

But when Kim Kardashian called them out for copying her custom dresses, they came out and admitted that they are “inspired” by her style and have copied her dresses and sold them at reduced prices.

So it seems like brands like Fashion Nova only acknowledge that they are “inspired” by other designers when people, like Kim Kardashian, who have the money to challenge them in court call them out. But when designers from independent brands like RisqueDukes, Closet Envy and Knots & Vibes call them out, they either have nothing to say, block them, or don’t own up to copying their designs.

So this is something to think about the next time you see an influencer promoting FN on your timeline or an ad for FN online. Fashion Nova may be promoting a design that was stolen from a woman of color, and be using another woman of color to sell it to you – a woman of color. And they’re the ones profiting off of the entire transaction – not the woman of color who actually designed the item.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about the accusations that Fashion Nova steals designs from women of color and then uses women of color influencers to promote the designs to other women of color for them to buy, cutting out the profit from the actual woman who designed it.