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Ms Tina Shows Off Beyonce’s Natural Hair Again! #inches

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Mama Tina is at it again showing off Beyonce’s naturally long hair for all the haters who swear up and down that she’s constantly weaved up. She posted this fun video to her Instagram account of her combing through Beyonce’s natural hair. And as she combed it she made sure to part it each time to show Beyonce’s scalp.

It looks like Beyonce and her mom are in the kitchen and Ms. Tina had just trimmed Beyonce’s ends, which is so cute to me. I love that Beyonce still gets her hair done by her Mom sometimes despite being a millionaire who’s married to a billionaire.

Check out the video:

You can hear Beyonce telling her Mom that she was being annoying as she mocked Beyonce’s hair stylist Neal Farinah’s accent.

Neal actually posted Beyonce’s real hair on his Instagram about a year and a half ago and haters swore he was lying about it being real. So he actually got on camera and defended Beyonce and her real hair and explained that yes, Black women can grow long hair too…

Ms. Tina also got on camera and showed off her long, natural hair too…

So the first time Neal posted Beyonce’s natural hair a lot of people didn’t believe it was really ALL her hair. But this time when Ms Tina posted it and showed her scalp, it seemed people most people can now accept that Beyonce’s long her is real and it’s all hers – no lacefront!

If y’all remember, Kenya swears up and down that she gets mistaken for Beyonce all the time. ..

I know that it might be hard for some of y’all to believe that Kenya gets mistaken for Beyonce because of their differences in skin color. But I personally believe it because when I’ve traveled with my friends tourists have come up to me and my friends and asked us if we are celebrities, especially one of my friends who looks like Chris Rock. So I can believe tourists and people from other countries mistaking Kenya for Beyonce.

But anyway, Kenya has always been very proud of her naturally long hair. And she’s showed people her hair growing from the roots multiple times on social media.

And Kenya’s built a line of hair care products around the fact that she has long, natural hair. Kenya has said that her hair growth mask and serum are the fastest selling products in her hair care line. And she demonstrated how they work on The Real. Check out this video and then I want to know your opinion on how to grow long hair.

So my question is how much do you think women like Beyonce and Kenya’s long hair can be attributed to their genes, and how much can be attributed to their hair care methods – like the products they use and the techniques they use like protective styling and things like that. Leave a comment and let me know which you think is a bigger factor in growing long hair?

One thought on “Ms Tina Shows Off Beyonce’s Natural Hair Again! #inches


    Why do people think black women can’t grow their hair long? Me and my 2 daughters all have hair passed our waist lines. If you take care of your hair, eat right and drink lots of water you’ll be able to grow it. I’ve had lots of people say we have lace fronts or weaves but we do not. I’m older now and I’m thinking about cutting mine off especially now that I’m a Grandma.

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