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Rihanna Pops Up In BOX BRAIDS For Fenty Pop Up Shop

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Leave it up to Rihanna to make what’s old new & hot again! Rihanna stunned fans with auburn box braids at the New York City Launch party for her Fenty fashion line. Rihanna officially introduced Fenty to shoppers with a pop-up shop in Paris, France on May 24, and then launched the brand’s website on May 29.

The pop up shop launch party took place on June 18th at The Webster, located in the SoHo area of New York City. This is the first time Rihanna has brought her Fenty fashion line to the US, so fans were undoubtedly excited to see Rihanna.

She wore a hot pink slip dress with matching heels and lipstick. And she topped off her look with auburn box braids that hung past her shoulders.

ICYMI, Black Twitter got into a heated debate recently when one lone man offered his unsolicited opinion about women wearing box braids:

Rihanna’s elegant box braids are a slap in the face to the men out there who recently complained that they don’t like seeing their women in box braids.

What do you think about Rihanna’s box braids? Do you love them or hate ’em? Leave a comment and let me know!