Full Video Of TI Going Off On Security Guard!

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Some of you may remember last year around this time (May 16, 2018) when Atlanta based rapper TI ended up in police custody after the guard at the gate to his wife Tiny’s home refused to allow him to enter. Now, new video has surfaced of the incident in question.

In the video you see TI grow increasingly angry as the guard refuses to allow him to enter despite TI providing him his name. TI actually caught the guard sleeping on the job, which seems to have incited the anger of the guard instead of the other way around.

TI’s wife Tiny and another unidentified woman can be heard on the phone with the guard first politely asking for the guard to allow TI entry. Then when the guard continues to refuse entry, Tiny becomes increasingly upset. Take a look:

The guard eventually allows TI to enter, and TI appears to park his car at Tiny’s home and walk back up to the guard’s station. As you can see, TI’s friend arrives on the scene possibly to provide TI some sort of support. However, he eventually gets arrested due to an active warrant.

More video to come…

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