Pastor John Gray Defends Asking Church To Pay $250K After Spending $200K On Wife’s Lamborghini

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So over the last few months, ever since news started trending of Pastor John Gray’s “emotional affair” I’ve noticed that the media, especially, social media has been extremely critical of almost EVERYTHING Pastor John Gray does – from buying his wife an expensive car, to asking his church to pay for repairs to the church roof. Everything this man does is under a microscope and a lot of people seem to find fault with it.

Recently, when Pastor John Gray asked the Relentless Church congregation to give a special offering to pay for the $250K repairs to the church roof, a lot of people had a problem with that too! For some reason, some people seemed to think that Pastor John Gray should pay for the roof out of his own pocket, the same way he paid for his wife’s Lambo truck. And other people felt that even if the church did pay for it, it should come out of the church’s regular offering – not a special offering specifically for the church.

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