Nipsey Hussle ‘Passes Away’ After Empowering Our People On Wealth & Health

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It’s been very hard for me to put this video together because I have been so AFFECTED by the senseless murder of Nipsey Hussle. I haven’t been able to get my mind off his killing since I got word of it last night. And it just makes no sense that he would be shot down like this in the prime of his life.

So I just wanted to do this video to honor his legacy and bring to light the good that he was doing for the Black community. I know some of my subscribers may not be that familiar with Nipsey because for most of his career he was an independent artist. But he was independent for a reason. He believed in owning his masters and owning property and building Black wealth, instead of allowing corporations and capitalists to continue to thrive off the blood, sweat and tears of black people. Nipsey preached the message of Black empowerment through wealth ever since he was an up and coming artist.

Throughout his career Nipsey has stay true to his beliefs about acquiring assets and diversifying his income. He stressed the importance of owning the masters to his music. And he taught other artists the importance of being a creator and being in a position to profit off of your own creations instead of allowing corporations to profit off of your work.

As we mourn the death of Nipsey Hussle my prayer is that we can each honor his dream… Nipsey believed in Black empowerment through wealth building. So let’s each step into our greatness by empowering ourselves by acquiring assets – whether it be residential real estate, commercial property if you can, and make sure you own whatever it is that you create.

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