Two Nigerian Brothers A R R E S T E D For Jussie Smollett Attack

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In case you missed it, last night local Chicago reporters revealed that the two men who are alleged to have attacked Jussie Smollett, poured bleach on him, and tied a noose around his neck are Nigerian. They are NOT white, as Jussie Smollett previously reported. It has been confirmed that they are two Black men from Nigeria, possibly brothers. And they are listed as ‘persons of interest’ in this case.

CHICAGO (CBS) reports — Chicago police continue to question two “persons of interest” in the Jussie Smollett investigation, and their attorney believes they could be charged today. The two men were seen on surveillance video near where Smollett told police he was attacked on Jan. 29.

A source with [alleged] intimate knowledge of the investigation tells CBS 2 Investigator Brad Edwards – the attack on Smollett was potentially orchestrated by the actor himself, and involved two other men.[However]Chicago police are calling those reports unconfirmed.

So to be clear, the media is claiming that an unnamed source is telling them that Jussie staged his own attack. However, the police, the ones who are investigating this whole situation are not saying that Jussie staged the attack. They are saying that the two men from Nigeria are who staged it, not Jussie. So let’s just make sure that’s clear: the police are not saying that this whole thing is a hoax orchestrated by Jussie. So when you see reports saying that the police believe this is a hoax, those reports are WRONG.

Chicago Police Department spokesman Anthony Guglielmi released a statement today saying:

“Interviews will resume today with the two people of interest and their attorney. While we haven’t found any video documenting the alleged attack, there is also no evidence to say that this is a hoax. The alleged victim is being cooperative at this time and continues to be treated as the victim, not a suspect. The investigation continues.”

So there it is, clear as day, in black and white. The police have not said that this situation is a hoax set up by Jussie, like some media outlets are reporting.

Now I know some of you may be saying that it must be a hoax because Jussie stated the attackers were White, but it turns out they are Black. And I was browsing the AskHerbie app, and I see someone specifically asked “how can anyone still believe Jussie Smollett?” Well, I still believe Jussie Smollett and I’m going to tell you how this all makes sense to me.

  1. First of all, the Nigerian men were extras on the set of Empire. And the first threat to Jussie’s life, BEFORE the actual attack was received on the set of Empire. released the threat that was received at the Empire production offices. Here is a picture of it again in case you forgot about it. The mainstream media is not reporting on this picture much, and I wonder if it’s because is not considered mainstream. They’re considered a “urban” blog and they had this news story before anybody else! But anyway, my point is that because these two men were extras on the set of Empire, they likely are the ones that delivered this death threat to the Empire production offices. Being that they worked at the Empire production offices, I’m sure it would not have been hard for them to deliver this threat there.
  2. Secondly, people are saying that Jussie must be lying because he reported that the men were White, but it turns out they are Black. But when you look at the facts, eyewitness testimony is not 100% reliable. And jurors who have to consider eyewitness testimony in court cases are taught that it is not 100% reliable. At the time of the attack it was literally FREEZING in Chicago, so the men were covered in clothes and scarves from head to toe – and it was reported that face masks were found in their home. So if the men were wearing gloves and face masks, it’s possibly that Jussie never even saw their actual skin. He might have just assumed they were White from the racial comments that they made or from the sound of their voices, which brings me to my third point.
  3. Just because someone is from Nigeria doesn’t mean that they can’t fake an American accent. People fake American accents all the time. Look at Idris Elba. He has become an American movie star and the whole time he’s been faking an American accent! So it is very possible that these two brothers from Nigeria faked American accents when they attacked Jussie. And that they are the ones trying to make it look like MAGA supporters did this. Not Jussie. These two brothers probably smiled in Jussie’s face on the set of Empire, then behind his back orchestrated this attack because they hate the fact that Jussie is a proud, gay, African American man.
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So to the person on the AskHerbie app asking for someone to make it add up, here it is. And if you’re not familiar with the Ask Herbie app, let me tell you a little bit about it.

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Leave a comment and let me know what you think about this whole situation with Jussie Smollett? Do you believe the two extras targeted him and wanted to make it look like MAGA supporters were to blame? Or do you still believe Jussie is behind this? Leave a comment and let me know!

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