Jeannie Mai Using Rapper Young Jeezy For His “Dark Meat”

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Actress and apparent friend of Jeannie Mai, Malika Haqq posted this picture of what looks to be a group date with her and OT Genesis, Trey Songz and Lori Harvey and… Jeannie Mai and rapper Young Jeezy.

This picture is so funny to me considering all the times Jeannie Mai has talked about liking Black men on The Real. I’m actually going to do a flash back of all those times in a second, but first I just want us to just examine this picture together.

I’m not sure of their exact location, but judging from the reflection in the window, they’re at a restaurant/bar because you can see the reflection of the bar and the shelves of liquor clearly here.

Lori Harvey posted another picture from that night here and you can see that there was clearly some type of love fest going on and that this, this right here, was definitely a triple date.

Anyway, Jeannie Mai has talked about loving “dark meat” on The Real for years. And I think it actually hurt her husband’s feelings at one point. When I spoke with her ex-husband’s new girlfriend Linsey a few months ago she sent me some posts from Jeannie’s Instagram of her on The Real with her “man-crush” Common….

A lot of people have taken issue with Jeannie Mai expressing that she has a preference for “dark meat” because of the fact that she talks about Black men as if they are a fetish for her. Like she doesn’t love Black men for their qualities like strength and endurance and things like that. It’s like she specifically likes them for sexual reasons and that’s why she calls them “dark meat” because that’s how she sees them. As meat.

Here’s one of the first time that Jeannie referred to Black men as “dark meat” on The Real. You’ll see how offended Tamar and Loni and even Adrienne get in this clip but it looks like they just try to make a joke out of it.

Years after that Loni was still teasing Jeannie about loving “dark meat.”

Alright, so those were just for laughs and giggles but things seemed to get more serious when Jeannie revealed she had a specific “young rapper” that she was crushing on. Mind you, Jeannie was still married at the time of this clip, which Tamar was trying to remind her.

Tamar and Loni also questioned Jeannie about her preference for Black men when they did lie detector tests on The Real.

In this next clip Jeannie admits AGAIN that she does have a preference for men with darker skin tones. But they way she describes men with darker skin is so much like a fetish. Take a look.

So you clearly heard Jeannie say that she was not Freddy’s type and he was not her type. And I think the woman Freddy is with now is his type. And the man Jeannie looks to be dating now, Young Jeezy, is more her type.

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