Pastor John Gray Defends Buying His Wife A Lamborghini SUV

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Of course, people had something to say about Pastor Gray buying his wife such an expensive gift because they assume that everything the pastor buys is financed by the church, which is not necessarily true when it comes to pastors who also have OTHER sources of income, like books and production deals and things like that.  But anyway, a rumor was started that Pastor John Gray took out a $1 million dollar loan from the church to finance the car!  Or, as Funky Dineva would say, he was messing up the church’s money!!  The blog “The Old Black Church” was able to capture an image of the comment that sparked that rumor online.  … In this person’s defense, they did say that this is what they heard, so it sounds like the rumor was going around in the church first and she just brought it online. Anyway, Pastor John Gray’s wife got on Instagram and defended her man. She said in part … Speaking of Pastor John Gray giving away tithes, here is a quick video of him allowing the church members to take what they need from the tithes and offering that were donated one Sunday …

That is just part of the video, he did allow widows and other people as well to take what they need.  Anyway, after gifting his wife a Lamborghini SUV and being accused of using the church’s money to finance it, Pastor John Gray has made a live video defending himself and explaining where he got the money from.  … Leave a comment and let me know what you think of Pastor John Gray being accused of using the church’s money to buy his wife a gift. Do you think it was a fair assumption? Or was it unfair to assume that he would do that.