Donnie McClurkin Passes Out While Driving & Crashes His Car Leaving Him “Mangled”

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Pastor Donnie McClurkin was involved in a serious car accident last night/this morning, which has left him “mangled.”  Donnie McClurkin, who is the pastor of  Perfecting Faith Church in Freeport, New York, announced in a statement on Facebook:

It appears that Donnie McClurkin is already out of the hospital and will be well enough to fly to Kenya for a worship event slated for Saturday in that country.

The event, billed “Passion: An Evening of Worship,” will see McClurkin singing a selection of praise and worship songs from his nine albums.

In a statement to Capital FM Kenya, McClurkin said he knows God wants him to be in Kenya on Saturday.

“I know God has a purpose for me on this trip and is going to do a powerful thing in Nairobi. I am truly thankful for all those in Nairobi who are praying for me and my message to them is – come let us rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice for we have the victory. See you on Saturday.” 

Many of Donnie McClurkin’s fans have left comments on his Facebook page wishing him a speedy recovery and giving him advice on how to avoid passing out behind the wheel.

And…speaking of people that might be willing to drive Pastor Donnie McClurkin around, I see that Donnie McClurkin gave an update on Nicole Mullen on his Facebook page as well.  He said:

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about Pastor Donnie McClurkin passing out behind the wheel.  Do you think he’s doing too much and his body is just exhausted? Or do you think it’s a side effect of his medical condition?  And let me know what you think about his remarks about Ms. Nicole Mullen.

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