Familiar Spirits & The Real Reason Nicki Minaj Defended Her Boyfriend

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Although the Barbz thought Kenneth “Zoo” Petty was a new man in Nicki’s life.  He’s actually an old boyfriend that she has rekindled things with.  Nicki Minaj first fell for him when she was just 16, and she calls him one of her first loves. 

Psychology today reports,

Studies have shown that we are all attracted to what is familiar to us, and that repeated exposure to certain people will increase our attraction toward them. This is a sub-conscious process that we’re not even aware of or have any awareness of making such a choice. We are attracted to familiar people because we consider them to be safe and unlikely to cause harm. This doesn’t just apply to people we’ve actually seen before or to people who look familiar, but also to people who behave in ways that are familiar to us. For example, if you are a woman who grew up with an alcoholic father you will tend to be attracted to men who are alcoholics, not because you find them attractive but because you find their behavior familiar. Even when someone’s behavior or personality is hurtful, on a sub-conscious level, some part of us finds comfort in the familiarity of that behavior. Good or bad we are tethered to bad relationships as much as we are tethered to the past by our subconscious minds. 

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