Lil Mama Threatens Bow Wow & His GF Kiyomi!

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Lil Mama is going off and threatening Bow Wow and his GF Kiyomi.

If you don’t watch the show let me catch you up real quick. On the show Lil Mama has come to Atlanta to network and Bow Wow sets her up on a date with his friend BT.

And on the episode Lil Bow Wow tells his friend BT that he could sleep with Lil Mama in a week!

Now I don’t know if he why he would say something like that about Lil Mama who is not even known for being promiscuous.  But y’all know Bow Wow is crazy and he says anything.  And apparently so does his girlfriend or ex-girlfriend Kiyomi who threatened to beat up Lil Mama.

So here is Lil Mama’s response to the two of them.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about this mess! As always, thanks for watching!