John P Kee (Lil Mo’s Uncle) Sues Queen Naija And Her Fans Attack Him On Social Media

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If you’re a fan of YouTube star and now certified R & B singer Queen Naija, then you may have heard in July of this year that she was being sued by Gospel legend John P Kee for re-using the melody in his hit song “Life & Favor” (bka You Don’t Know My Story) in her hit song “Karma” WITHOUT giving him the proper credit, i.e. cash for re-using it.

And if you didn’t know, yes, Pastor John P Kee is Lil Mo’s uncle – which may explain why Lil Mo went IN on Queen Naija calling her Soul Train Awards performance mediocre.

John P Kee’s song peaked at No. 2 on Billboard’s Hot Gospel Songs charts and went on to spend 52 weeks on the charts. The discovery of the songs’ similarities was first made by a YouTube pair that goes by the name “TnK SQUAD.” And that discovery led John P Kee to seek legal action for the use of his melody without his consent.

Well it looks like John P Kee’s lawsuit is still on and popping because Pastor John P Kee and Queen Naija both posted about it on social media yesterday and now Queen Naija’s fans are attacking John P Kee in his comments!

Queen Naija tweeted:

And then she followed that up by tweeting:

And while some of Queen Naija’s fans warned her that she might be making things worse by speaking about it in public, it was too late because Queen’s fans were already on Instagram attacking John P Kee for a post that he made about it too!

John P Kee posted this post on his Instagram, which sounds like it’s in response to someone saying that his song never even existed:

My question is what do y’all think about Queen Naija calling Pastor John P Kee a “fake Christian” for suing??? Do you think Christians are not supposed to sue people? Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Personally, I think John P Kee IS within his right to sue whoever produced her song “Karma” because if they’re a professional music producer then they KNOW the protocol for using samples and what have you! 

So even if Queen Naija didn’t know that she was using John P Kee’s melody, whoever produced that song and gave her that melody had to know!  So I think he’s within his rights to sue.

One thought on “John P Kee (Lil Mo’s Uncle) Sues Queen Naija And Her Fans Attack Him On Social Media

  • March 23, 2019 at 9:01 am

    Personally, Pastor Kee has every right to stand up for himself. If he wants to comment, then let him. He’s a grown man, and on top of that, a grown, professional, anointed man of God. I heard the song, and it sounds just like his song. And the girl that’s involved in this, it’s a simple case of doing your homework as he said. I commend Pastor Kee for standing up to all of the ignorance. He’s doing it in the boldness of God, and he won’t let nothing get to him!!!

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