Diddy Goes Live Taking His Twins To School For The First Time After The Loss Of Kim Porter

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Diddy went live from his car this morning as he took his twin girls D’lila and Jesse to school today, apparently for the first time after the passing of their mother, Kim Porter. Kim passed suddenly on November 15th, leaving behind her children Quincy, Christian, D’lila and Jesse.

Diddy filmed himself in the car with his girls and said ‘Today the journey begins, I’m now a part of the 6 am crew.Β  This is Mommy/Daddy, Daddy/Mommy checking in.”Β  And he explained that when he says Daddy/Mommy he’s sure the single mothers and single fathers know what he’s talking about when one parent has to step up and play both roles.

I’m sure it would have been easier for Diddy to let a nanny take his kids to school.Β  But hats off to him for stepping up and being a hands on Dad.

I know for a lot of us parents it may seem like a little thing to take your kids to school.Β  But for a man as busy as Diddy it’s a big thing and being up at 6 am is new to him and it looks like it’s a bit of a sacrifice.

If you’re a parent or guardian leave a comment and share a sacrifice that you’ve made for your kids today.

One thought on “Diddy Goes Live Taking His Twins To School For The First Time After The Loss Of Kim Porter

  • December 9, 2018 at 8:02 am

    Good Morning God, And Mrs. Lynn;
    Sean continue to be that Awesome Father and Role Model for these Lovely, And Very Bless Children.
    Love You Guy’s All, will Always Pray, And Keep Praying For You And your Family.
    Dar~ Extended Member 2 The Badboy Family.

    “Cardi B”
    Keeping your Beautiful Daughter, And You And your Family in My Prayers.
    Don’t Allow These whoremongers, And Social Media 2 come inbewtten your Marriage. God willl deal with these women, And God will Surely Deal with Your Husband.
    God Almighty Is Watching, And Aswell Listening. Let these people say And Do whatever turns Them on. Because at the End Of the Day, U are Still “Cardi B” Pretty, Precious, And Paid $$$$$$
    Love You Girl, And Ignore The B-S

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