Tamar Braxton Quits Braxton Family Values After Season 6 Finale

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Last night’s episode of Braxton Family Values was actually a really confusing one for me.  Just a few weeks ago Tamar went on a social media rant and went on Wendy Williams and claimed that Iyanla Vanzant didn’t really help her family.  And if you remember, she actually called Iyanla the devil on Twitter.

But it looked like Iyanla actually did help the Braxtons on last night’s episode.  And she specifically helped Traci and Tamar with their relationship.


So after seeing Tamar and Traci have an emotional breakthrough, it doesn’t make sense to me why Tamar claimed on social media and on national television that Iyanla Vanzant didn’t help the Braxtons.  And it made me wonder if Tamar’s rant, and Iyanla’s subsequent threats to sue WeTV were all just for ratings!

So I decided to look up the ratings for this season of Braxton Family Values and see what was really going on. OK! Y’all know I don’t mind doing my research.

The first episode premiered on August 16 and it focused on Toni’s upcoming wedding to Birdman, a suspected co-conspirator in the shooting of his own “son”, Lil Wayne’s tour bus.

That episode ranked number 41 among cable television programs that night.

August 16 – “Toni-zilla”

And the next episode which aired on August 23 and first introduced the Braxton sisters strike ranked number 34.  So it actually ranked higher than the premiere episode.

August 23 – “Sister Shutdown”

August 30 – “Traci vs Sisters”

And so did the following episode which aired August 30 and focused on the conflict between Traci and her sisters, when Traci decided to continue filming despite her sisters being on strike. That episode ranked #32.

September 6 – “Wellness Hell”

But the ratings took a nose dive when WeTV brought on Phaedra Parks, Natalie Nunn and Luenell .  The episode that aired on September 6, when they were all at the Wellness Retreat, TANKED in ratings compared to previous episodes.  That episode ranked at #69 when just the previous week they were ranked at #32.

September 13 – “Duchess & The Dude Ranch”

And the decline in ratings got even worse the next week.  The episode that aired September 13 where they were all at that dude ranch with Flavor Flav and Miss New York got the worse ratings of the entire season.  That episode ranked at #70!

September 20 – “Not Today Satan”

However, when Toni, Tamar, Trina and Towanda returned to the show on the episode that aired September 20, the ratings soared.  That episode ranked #43 and it brought BFV back to where they normally fall in the cable television rankings.  And that was the week AFTER Tamar appeared on Wendy Williams.

So to me it does look like maybe all that controversy was created between Tamar and Iyanla and WeTV because they were trying to get the show ratings back up.  The show went from being ranked #32 to being ranked #70, which I’m sure had WeTV going crazy trying to save the show!

September 27 – “Hot Bed of Crazy”

However, the ratings surprisingly took a nose dive again on September 27, which was actually the first part of the sit down with Iyanla Vanzant.  That episode ranked at #61.

And I’m wondering if a lot of people didn’t watch because they didn’t want to see the sisters arguing and going back and forth with each other and Iyanla Vanzant.

It was also suspected that the show might discuss Tamar being sexually abused by multiple people in her family.  And maybe people didn’t tune in because they didn’t want to see that talked about. Y’all know how a lot of families are when it comes to things like that.

Traci Braxton also recently revealed that she was sexually abused as a child by a family member as well.  And not many people are talking about that either.

So it looks like people are interested in seeing the Braxton family filming together, but they just don’t want to seeing them talking about issues of abuse.

The ratings for the finale were just released and the episode had the highest ratings of it’s season! It ranked at #14 among cable television shows, which is it’s highest rank this season.

However, Braxton Family Values may not be returning for another season.  Tamar seemed to hint that she was done with the show on Twitter last night. And today she confirmed it when replying to a fan.

Last night she tweeted:

And today when someone asked her if she is coming back next season she replied:

The ratings clearly show that the show can’t really survive without all five of the sisters on the show.  It pretty much tanked when Tamar, Towanda, Trina and Toni were on strike.  So without Tamar, it looks like the show is over!

Leave a comment and let me know if you think Tamar might change her mind and come back to the show.  Or let me know if you think the show is truly over.