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Adrienne Houghton Reveals She Would ‘Gladly’ Suck Israel Houghton’s Toes!

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Alright y’all so yesterday, Dreka Gates, the wife of rapper Kevin Gates posted a picture of her and her husband on a private jet where she was treating him to a foot massage.

And the picture of Dreka, at the foot of her man, rubbing his feet got so much attention that it was actually talked about on The Real today.

A lot of people left comments on the picture praising Dreka for being willing to rub her man’s feet. Like these people who said:

When The Real hosts gave their commentary they first discussed whether they would give their man a foot massage, which to me is honestly not a big deal.  But I know that for some people it is.


So Jeannie Mai just doesn’t like feet in general.  But clearly Tamera and Adrienne don’t mind giving their man a foot massage.  And Adrienne revealed also doesn’t mind sucking her man’s toes!


This conversation was so funny to me! I just had to share it with y’all.  For the record, Kevin Gates has shared video of him sucking his wife’s Dreka’s toes.  If y’all want to see it, I’ll leave a link in the comments.  But I just want to point out that it does go both ways for them two.  She’s not just rubbing his feet like a slave or some type of hired help.

Anyway, leave a comment and let me know what you think about giving your man foot massages.  Are you OK with it? Or do you think it’s gross? Or do you think it means you’re beneath him in some way? Leave a comment and let me know what you think!