Tamera Mowry Gets An ATTITUDE With Jeannie Mai On The Real Today!

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As you guys know, The Real talk show has returned for a new season.  And some of the hosts seem to be starting the season off with a new attitude!

Hosts Jeannie Mai and Tamera Mowry appeared to get into it today after Jeannie disagreed with Tamera’s opinion on Bert and Ernie.

If yo didn’t know, the creator of the Bert and Ernie characters came out recently and revealed that Bert and Ernie were based on him and his boyfriend – who are gay.

Then Sesame Street came out with an official statement and clarified that they characters Bert & Ernie are not gay.  They are just best friends.

Tamera and Jeannie had two different opinions on whether it even mattered if the characters are gay or not – and Tamera seemed to be offended by Jeannie and was even rolling her eyes at one point.

Check it out!

I know y’all noticed that Tamera completely cut off Jeanie.  But did y’all see her rolling her eyes too?

The hosts disagree all the time. That’s the whole point of having a panel show, to get different view points.

But it seems like Tamera is extra sensitive after defending her husband yesterday backfired.  I’ll put a link to the video below.  But after Tamera defended her husband, Adam Housley, on The Real yesterday and said that he is NOT racist, people started going in on HER, and calling her TaMaga.


Leave a comment and let me know if you think Tamera is being extra sensitive because of what people are already saying about her on social media. Or let me know if you think it’s something else1