Tamar Braxton Is NOT Here For Cardi B’s Antics On The Red Carpet

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It looks Tamar is NOT here for Cardi B attacking Nicki Minaj on the Red Carpet at Fashion Week!  If you look at Tamar’s likes on Twitter you will see that she liked this post…


Guess what? I like this post too.  This girl @iamDSprings has a good point.  You are putting yourself at risk of going to JAIL by fighting in public like this.  So technically you’re not being a good mother by being willing to go to jail just because someone liked a tweet that mentioned your daughter!

In the past Tamar has supported Cardi B and her little sister Hennessy. But I’m curious now if Cardi B is going to come for Tamar for liking this tweet that said Cardi B was a bad mom for fighting, since she came for Nicki for liking a tweet that didn’t even actually say Cardi B was a bad mom – it just questioned the message Cardi B was sending her daughter.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think! Is Cardi B going to come for everybody that questions her judgement as a mom?

I, personally, think Cardi B is going through post partum depression right now and that may be part of the reason she is lashing out.  Post partum depression symptoms can vary – it’s not always just being depressed after having a baby.

Sometimes being angry and extremely irritable are symptoms of post partum depression as well.  And it seems like Cardi B is both angry and extremely irritable right now.  And I think it could be post partum depression that is affecting her.

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Anyway, I hope she gets help for whatever she is going through – instead of throwing shoes at people just because they liked a tweet.  Because if she’s still trying to throw shoes at people for liking tweets that call her a bad mother, Tamar better watch her back!!


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