Countess Vaughn Claims Her Insecure Boyfriend Threw Bleach In Her Face To Keep Her From Working!

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In case you missed it…. former “The Parkers” and “Moesha” star Countess Vaughn claims her longtime boyfriend/fiance has been abusing her for years!

If you follow Countess on Instagram like I do, you could probably tell something was going on with her.  But I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

Well, her boyfriend recently threw bleach in her face — and it was more than enough for a judge to grant her an order of protection.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, her boyfriend’s name is David Benjamin Richard Whitten, and yes he is the same man that appeared on Hollywood Divas with her!  She has been in a live-in relationship with him for 10 years and they have 1 child together.

And he allegedly threw bleach at her face back in June to keep her from working as an actress.

Countess says David felt insecure anytime she moved up in her career, and she’s endured a decade of physical, verbal and emotional abuse from him — including alleged slapping, beating, strangulation and sexual assault.

She also says that he has threatened to leak explicit videos of her and even threatened to kill her at times. So she fears for her safety and the safety of her kids if he is allowed to have contact with them.

And an L.A. judge signed off  on a court order ordering him to say 100 yards clear of her and her children — at least until a hearing on the matter is held next month.

I’m glad to hear Countess Vaughn finally got the courage to leave this man that was allegedly abusing her.  I just wish it didn’t take him throwing bleach in her face for her to realize that she needed to get away from him.

I notice a lot of women in abusive relationships have a “breaking point” where if the abuse gets past a certain point – like if they suffer a broken bone or something serious – then they say they’ll leave their abuser.

But I just want to tell anyone who is in a situation like that, where they have to decided what abuse they can take and what they can’t take – then it’s time to get out of that situation.  That’s not love and that’s not what God wants for you.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about the situation with Countess Vaughn and her ex-boyfriend. Why do you think it had to go as far as him throwing bleach in her face for her to wake up and get out the situation?