Tamar Braxton (Live) Talks Jealousy, Beauty & Why She Keeps Her Hair Cut Short

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After yesterday’s drama of Tamar being in the media for calling Phaedra Parks “Phaedra Braxton” for joining WeTV’s Braxton Family Values, Tamar went live to get a few things off her chest.  But first she wanted to show her makeup because she is a makeup girl like a lot of us are.

1:15 Addresses the “haters” who were leaving ignorant comments on her live about what she said about Phaedra and Braxton Family Values.

2:15 Teases a “surprise” that she was shooting

3:15 Talks about a diet challenge she is starting.

4:20 She addresses people who were claiming that she was somehow jealous of Phaedra Parks.

4:41 She talked about how people think her hair is not growing because she keeps it short.

So for those of you guys who are fans of Tamar, what do you think she’s shooting?  We know it’s not Braxton Family Values.  Do you think it’s something she’s doing on her own?

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