Cardi B Remembers When She Used To Think Offset Was Cheating On Her

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Cardi B must have been feeling really reflective this morning because she got on her live and talked about a lot of things that were on her mind.  She talked about the Back It Up music video.  And she talked about her song Ring with Kehlani. She said she first got that song when her and Offset were dating and he used to not call her for days.  So the lyrics “you don’t make it ring no more” were very personal to her because Offset wasn’t ringing her phone.  And being that he wasn’t calling her, she assumed he must be with somebody else!



Start – 2:00 music video talk

2:00 – talks about Offset & her dating

5:00 talks about losing her singing voice

6:00 talks about missing baby Kulture

10:00 talks about putting out new music