Nicki Minaj Blames Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner & Baby Stormi For Her “Queen” Album Charting At #2

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It has been a tough day for Nicki Minaj.  People are accusing her of having a “meltdown” on Twitter when it was revealed that her “Queen” album charted at #2 and not #1 as expected.

Nicki explains how Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott and even Spotify caused her album to not perform as she expected.  But first let’s clarify that she claims she is not having a meltdown, she is just on Twitter speaking her mind.

After going off about her album landing at #2, Nicki tweeted:

Alright, so to explain how her album was outsold by Travis Scott’s “Astroworld” Nicki posted a picture of an “Astroworld” tour pass that Kylie Jenner had posted to Instagram for her 113 million fans to buy, saying that her and Baby Stormi were ready for the Travis Scott tour.

me and storm ready for tour 🎪♥️

A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Nicki tweeted:

Then she said:

The 12 hours of sales she is referring to is the sales she lost by not dropping Queen right at midnight on Thursday night.

Then Nicki mentioned how Travis Scott  boosted his sales by including ASTROWORLD in tour and merchandise bundles.

And she said:

Nicki also explained how Spotify decided to “teach her a lesson” for playing her album on Apple radio 10 minutes earlier than it was available on Spotify.  She said:

And Nicki explained that her label didn’t want to stand up and defend her because they have other artists that Spotify might try to teach a “lesson” to too!

So what do y’all think about Nicki Minaj’s point that artists are using all kinds of tricks – like babies, billionaire girlfriends, and merchandise to boost their album sales? Does she have a valid point? Or should she start pulling tricks out of her bag to beat the system too?

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!