Cardi B Claps Back At ‘Haters’ During VMA Best New Artist Award Acceptance Speech

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It sounds like Cardi B just clapped back at industry vets Funkmaster Flex and Nicki Minaj in her VMA Best New Artist acceptance speech.

Over the past week Nick Minaj, in an interview with Funkmaster Flex, discussed the practice of ‘payola’ in the music industry.  She said labels pay people to say certain things in an attempt to promote their artists and tear competition down.

And Funkmaster Flex said in an Instagram post that Cardi B’s team has paid DJs to “play records and say that they are hot.”

Cardi B clapped back at the ‘payola’ rumors in an Instagram comment first (click the link in the top right corner if you missed my video on that.) And now Cardi B just clapped back in her VMA Best New Artist acceptance speech.


What do you think of Cardi B using her big moment after winning artist of year, to clap back at the people that say her label has bought her success?  Should she have addressed them another time? Or was this the perfect opportunity?

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!