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New* Janet Hubert Goes Off on Will & Jada Smith AGAIN: “Welcome To My Butcher Block!”

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Janet Hubert is not finished with Will Smith! Just watch as she goes off on Black Media and Will Smith himself.

Thanks to Jessica Kohinoor for capturing and sharing this.  This is definitely for discussion and not disparaging. Janet always has a point, even if it’s a jagged one that’s 20 years old.

After watching, what do you think of Ms. Hubert’s comments about the way Will Smith has treated her throughout the years?  And what do you think about her commentary on how Will and Jada expose their children’s lives?

9 thoughts on “New* Janet Hubert Goes Off on Will & Jada Smith AGAIN: “Welcome To My Butcher Block!”

  • Loreatha Hughes-Martin

    Prayers to you and ur Family..Im so sorry that those things happened to you. I Loved you on that show and may God continue to Bless you.

  • Girl she sounds like Black Chyna mom…

  • This is how unforgiveness is manifested. So sad. I don’t hear a spiritual foundation. I hear bitterness, I hear victim blaming. “Who’s her son? I pray in spite of, he has a stronger spiritual foundation. I hear sense of entitlement from her & mentally unstabled. The world owes you nothing. We all fall down, but you get back up. This world will chew you up, if you don’t.

  • This is how unforgiveness look like. I don’t hear a spiritual foundation. Her soul needs healing. I hear a sense of entitlement & mentally unstabled. Who’s her son? I pray in spite of, he has a strong spiritual foundation. I loved her on that sitcom & the show was not the same afterwards. That was decades ago. This world will eat & spit you out, if you don’t pick yrself up & move on. Nobody owe’s you nothing. & how do we really know the Smith’s blackballed her? However she’s entitled to her truth. Martha Kitt, moved on, & millions of other single mother’s. I pray God do a miracle in her life, & blesses her with peace & strength to move on & up.⛪

  • Amanda

    She has given the “Smith’s” so much power over her life, it’s painful to listen. I really admire Will’s work, but there is only one God and his name is not Will Smith. Ms. Janet find a qualified life “coach” to help you get out of this blaming game! Let go & move on with your life. You are bitter and that’s all it will attract. Move on to the light!
    God (Jehova Jireh) will help you, He promised. Isaiah 41:23

  • Zakiyyah

    I still live 10 years later with effects from a job letting me go in such a vicious manner and things like that are far reaching so I can only imagine with a Hollywood job and how cliwuish they are how she could feel the need to share. Someone should produce her chronicles on stage starring her in a one woman role. I believe people would come to see it.

    • I know it can hurt especially when you’ve put a lot of work in at a job and set precedents at that job, trust me. But everything happens for a reason and we have to always pick up the pieces and move on with our lives. Bigger and better things await us.

  • April Fielder

    Girl you have a lot of Psychologists and Psychiatrists in your comment section(s) with their PHD’s in Clinical Psychology with a little Behavior Specialization thrown in for the hell of it
    Or they must know this woman on a personal level, and Will Smith to be Judging her and giving their opinions on their her mental status.
    One thing said I agree with Black People can be some of the must judgemental cruel people on earth.
    Keep up the good work I enjoy your videos

    • Lol!! I try not to laugh because some of them are psychologists, etc for real! lmao!! Anyway, thank you so much. Sorry I’m late responding.

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