Princess Tiana Given A Questionable Makeover – Now Lighter Skinned With A Thinner Nose

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The trailer for the upcoming Disney move Wreck It Ralph 2 – Ralph Breaks The Internet just premiered and it features a reunion of every Disney princess you can think of – including a new  version of Princess Tiana!

Princess Tiana debuted in 2009 and was the first African-American Disney princess ever! Her dark skin and wide nose were not typical features seen on Disney princesses.  But those same features are what resonated with young, Black girls.

But now her dark chocolate skin has been lightened to a caramel hue.  And her nose appears much thinner than before.  And although she’s been given natural hair, the color has been changed from black to light brown.

Before we get too far into this I just want to say that the outrage that people are expressing at the questionable makeover of Princess Tiana is not necessarily about her being light skin with a thin nose and brown hair.  People of color come in all shades with different features and hair colors.

But when a character is presented first one way – with dark skin and a wide nose – and then given a makeover to have lighter skin and and a thinner nose – it makes it seem as if Disney is saying the  new version (with light skin and a thin nose) is the better version. And that’s just not right!

Black Twitter has been calling Disney out for the apparent white washing of Tiana.  This person tweeted:

And this person pointed out that just 2 months ago Princess Tiana was still dark skinned.  She tweeted:

And this person tweeted:

And another person wondered if the original Tiana was ‘too hard’ to digitize.

The other Disney princesses were also made to look less ethnic.  Mulan was made to look less Chinese and Pocahontas was made with lighter skin and bigger eyes as well.

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What do you think of Princess Tiana’s makeover? Does she look significantly different to you? Do you think it’s just the different animation style that makes her look different?

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