Cardi B Opens Up About Not Knowing Who She Is Anymore And PPD

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Cardi B has been opening up about her feelings and her possible post partum depression since having her baby, Kulture Kiari.  And I think it’s a good thing she has been so vocal since her speaking out sparks a conversation that a lot of women need to have.

Cardi B posted just the other day:

I know exactly what that feels like.  I had my baby last September and sometimes I feel like I’m still going through post partum.  And when you mix that with the “mommy guilt” of being a working mom and actually still wanting a career despite being devoted to your kids, it’s a mess!

Anyway, Cardi B re-posted Instagram comedian @jayversace skit to her page to show people what post partum emotions actually feel like.  And this is such an accurate depiction of what it feels like after you have a baby and all you do day and night is take care of your baby.

She captioned the video:

This is how postpartum got me 😩😩The emotional struggle . BARDI vs BELCALIS.

Cardi B edited her caption to include the “Bardi vs Belcalis” after she first posted it.  And I believe Bardi vs Belcalis means her younger, fun loving self vs. her older, more responsible mother self.  Switching from being childless with not a care in the world, to being someone’s mother and accepting all that responsibility is no joke and the post partum feelings make it even harder.

Serena Williams also opened up about post partum emotions, she didn’t call it post partum depression because maybe it’s not a feeling of depression for her.  But she said:

So if you’re a Mom watching this video, whether you’re a new mom or you’ve been at it for awhile.  Let’s just take a page from Cardi B and Serena Williams and be willing to be vocal about our feelings like Cardi.  And be willing to give ourselves a break sometimes like Serena.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about Cardi B opening up about her post partum feelings! Do you think she’ll ever get back to the old Cardi B that she used to be? And do you think her career is still going to be on & popping once she gets back to work?

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