Porsha Williams Accused Of Fighting At Kandi & Todd’s Birthday Extravaganza, But RECEIPTS Show What Really Happened

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Over the weekend, Kandi Burruss Tucker threw an over the top, reality star studded, birthday bash for her husband, Todd Tucker’s 45th birthday.  The theme was “Jordans and Jerseys” since Todd was turning “45” and entering his “Jordan year”.

Tons of Kandi’s friends/reality stars showed up to help Todd bring in his 45th year, like Quad from Bravo’s Married to Medicine, Gocha from LA Hair, Rasheeda Frost from Love & Hip Hop.  And even Marlo Hampton, Sheree Whitfield & a pregnant Kenya Moore made appearances.

Porsha Williams was also present at the party alongside her sister Lauren and her new boo, Dennis McKinley.  And judging from Porsha’s social media posts, it looked like she had a great time.  Celebrity photographer FreddyO was in the building capturing all the magic.

But despite reports of a fun time being had by all, today Media Takeout reported that Porsha Williams actually got into a fight at the party!

MTO News reported:

Now this rumor sounds like it could be believable because Porsha has been known to black out on a chic.  Although they seemed to have moved past it, her fight with Kenya Moore will always stand out as one of the lowest moments of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

But I find it hard to believe that Porsha would actually fight someone at Kandi’s party, when her and Kandi just made up!  If you missed the details of Kandi and Porsha putting the past behind them and deciding to move forward then check out the video I did on it.  The link is in the top right corner and the description box.

So being that this rumor is so hard for me to believe I decided to look a little closer on social media to see if I could find anything else about it.  And what I did find showed me that this rumor is UNTRUE!

After the party, Porsha posted pictures of herself and her man and her sister to her Instagram.  And Kandi commented on one of the pictures:

Thanks for coming!

And that one, generic little thank you, was all I needed to know that Porsha was not fighting at the party.  If Porsha had been fighting, there is no way in the world that Kandi, as fed up as she has been with Porsha, would ever thank her for coming!

Porsha also confirmed to @therealhousewivesofatlanta page on Instagram that the news that she was fighting was

absolutely false

It’s a shame Kandi and Porsha are still being pitted against each other despite them having publicly made up.

What do you think about the rumors that Porsha got into a fight at Kandi’s party? Leave a comment and let me know!




One thought on “Porsha Williams Accused Of Fighting At Kandi & Todd’s Birthday Extravaganza, But RECEIPTS Show What Really Happened

  • January 7, 2019 at 11:37 am

    It’s pettiness, I feel that Kandi’s crew over step their bounds, I do feel that Porsche was set up by Jamie and Sherri, why invite her as your plus one, knowing that her ex would be there, JAMIE WANTED DRAMA, I don’t think KANDI had any idea, until after it happen, I will say this, it was many accusation thrown out there on Porscha, like she was drinking, etc.. she is the happiest I ever seen, since finding out that she is pregnant, and she has hard time getting pregnant, so the question is would she jeopardize the pregnancy that she have wanted for so long, I think not. It’s a lot of lying, deceiving, and pettiness. And yes I feel Jamie should be fired, if all this was her doing.


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