Clap Back Or Nah? Monica Dedicates A Song To Brandy [video]

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Monica performed at a concert in Houston, TX recently and took a moment to do what some are calling a “classy clap back” at Brandy.  I, personally, don’t consider this a “clap back” at all because from what I found out, Brandy wasn’t shading Monica when she talked about “The Boy Is Mine” song being hers in the first place.

If you missed that video where I explained exactly why Brandy pointed out that “The Boy Is Mine” song is hers, then click the link in the top right to catch up.

In any case, Monica is now speaking out on her and Brandy and actually dedicated her song “For You I Will” to Brandy.

Check it out.


Do you think Monica’s song dedication was a “clap back” at Brandy like it’s being reported?

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