TI Tells Tiny To ‘Do Her Own Thing’ On Her Birthday On IG Live, Then Gives Her A Brand New Car

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Today is Tameka “Tiny” Harris’ 43rd birthday and she partied it up in Atlanta, without her husband TI.

Tiny had a big birthday bash at The Goldroom in Atlanta, while TI was in Las Vegas kicking it with his friends.  So instead of TI wishing Tiny a Happy Birthday face to face, he went live on Instagram with Tiny to send her his birthday wishes all the way from Vegas.

Take a look at TI awkwardly wishing Tiny a Happy Birthday on IG Live and let me know what you think of his response when she tells him that she should be there with him.  Then we’ll get into the new car he bought her for her birthday.


So after missing Tiny’s birthday party, TI did meet up with Tiny and he gifted her a brand new car.


What do you think of TI gifting Tiny another car? Would you rather your partner give you gifts or spend time with you on your birthday?

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