Evelyn Lozada Says Tami Roman Is LYING About Her Saying The Head Butt Was An ACCIDENT!

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On last night’s episode of Basketball Wives we saw the conclusion of the conversation that Tami Roman had with Evelyn Lozada and the the rest of the Basketball Wives about Evelyn’s domestic violence incident with Chad ‘Ocho Cinco’ Johnson.

On the episode Tami says that Evelyn had a private conversation with her, after the domestic violence incident, and said that Chad head-butting her was actually an accident!

She said Evelyn said it was an accident that happened when they were in the car fighting over Chad buying condoms so that he could cheat on Evelyn.

So, from what it sounds like, they were already physically fighting over him buying the condoms, and in the midst of the back and forth of fighting, Chad “accidentally” head-butted Evelyn.

And, in my opinion, what Tami was saying sounded like it could be true.  It always seemed so random to me that Chad would head butt Evelyn, so when Tami said that the head butt was actually part of a larger fight that they were having, it kinda made sense.

However, Evelyn set the record straight on social media and said that she NEVER had that conversation with Tami.  And that Tami is completely making it up!

She posted this video of Chad Johnson admitting that he was wrong for head butting Evelyn and she put this caption:

I wish I didn’t have to speak on issues of my past to defend myself against claims and false statements from individuals who weren’t present at the time; but there are so many women still in situations who have reached out to me and they deserve for me to continue to be their voice. I will not be re-victimized for speaking out nor will I let anyone make me feel responsible for what happened to me. I appreciate all the support I’ve received from other survivors and I say to those still in a situation, to stay strong and don’t let anyone make you feel responsible for what you’re going through. Speak up if you can and seek support from those closest to you. I want to apologize to my family, my children as well as Chad’s family and children for having all this brought up again because I am on this show. Chad was honest about his mistakes, has gotten the help he saw fit to deal with his actions and we have all moved on. 💜💜💜💜💜💜 #MyReceipts #DontEverLieOnMe#ILiveInMyTruth #ShameOnYou


This is part of the video she posted of Chad Johnson admitting to his mistakes.  In the video you’ll hear the co-host mention that Chad initially said that the head butt was an accident.  But eventually he had to own up to it because he shouldn’t have been fighting Evelyn in the first place.

So what do ya’ll think? Do you think Tami is completely making up a lie saying that Evelyn had a conversation with her about the head butt being an accident?  Or do you think the conversation did happen and Evelyn is just denying it.

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