Tiny’s Daughter Zonnique May Have Had Her Eye Color Surgery Reversed

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It looks like Zonnique Pullins, Tiny’s daughter, may have had the surgery to change her eye color REVERSED!

In 2015 Tiny & Zonnique both traveled to Tunisia to have the surgery done, since it was outlawed in the United States.  The surgery was actually designed for people who are missing their corneas, but people do get the surgery for purely cosmetic reasons as well.

The doctor who performed Tiny & Zonnique’s surgery, Dr. Menif Montasser, explained to Jezebel magazine how the surgery is done:

And although the surgery is usually permanent, it actually can be reversed.  Dr. Menif explained:

And judging from Zonnique’s Instagram, it looks like she may have had the implants removed.  She posted this picture showing off her beautiful brown eyes yesterday:

And if you actually take a look back at all the Instagram pictures that she’s posted in the last month or so you’ll see that she’s actually wearing shades in most of them. So she may have been wearing shades to let her eyes heal after having the surgery reversed.

The last time she posted a picture of herself with blue eyes, that wasn’t a throwback picture, looks to have been in May.  So it really does look like she may have had the surgery reversed.

What do you think?  Do you think Zonnique might have had the eye implants removed and is now back to rocking her natural eye color?  Do you think Tiny might follow her lead and have her eye color surgery reversed too?

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