Fetty Wap Low Key Denied Being The Father Of Alexis Sky’s Baby

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I’ve been watching the story of Fetty Wap, Alexis Sky and their daughter Alaiya unfold for the past few months.  And in the past week or so there have been rumors – that are picking up steam – that Fetty Wap is NOT the father of Alexis’ baby girl Alaiyah.

In case you missed it Fetty Wap allegedly posted a list of his biological children on his personal Facebook page a few days ago and Alexis Sky’s daughter, Alaiyah, was NOT on that list!

The post says:

So it sounds like Fetty is low key denying that he is the father of Alexis Sky’s daughter, Alaiya.  At least not the biological father.

But Alexis Sky has been claiming that he is the father since she was pregnant.  And he was even there when Alaiya was born.  But now, he is alleging that he is only the father of the kids on the list he posted – which include Masika’s daughter Khari – but not Alexis’ daughter Alaiya.

Alexis Sky responded to the rumors that Fetty Wap is not the father of her daughter on Instagram today.  She said:

And she also went live and said that Fetty is the father he just hasn’t taken a DNA test yet to confirm it.

So what do y’all think? Why would Fetty Wap make a FB post with a list of all his children if there’s still a child that might be his that he hasn’t taken a DNA test for yet?

That seems so messy to me.

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One thought on “Fetty Wap Low Key Denied Being The Father Of Alexis Sky’s Baby

  • June 19, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    It’s is more than 1000% that Ferry Wapp is not her daughters father.She also looks more than 100000000% Solo Luchi Daugther.The lies has to stop for your child’s sake.stop being a disgusting hoe and start being a mother. Solo looks like he really wants the truth.give him that. Women are always talking about the followers don’t want to be in a child’s life well you got one who wants to be in this child’s life she was born with illness let him be part of her recovery and getting better . Don’t deny your beautiful daughter the chance to be with her father. Because fetty is not him.

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