Wendy William Almost Got Cancelled For Her Support Of R Kelly!

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If you recall, Wendy Williams spoke on R. Kelly and the sex cult allegations against him twice in the past few months.  And it has just been revealed that her first comments – when she showed sympathy for R. Kelly and actually broke down in tears crying about R. Kelly – almost got her show cancelled!  Advertisers threatened to pull their ads from her show.  And in show business, if you don’t have advertisers – you don’t have a show.

So the first time Wendy spoke on the R. Kelly allegations was just days after anti-sexual harassment initiative Time’s Up released a statement calling for radio stations and streaming services to ‘mute R.Kelly.’ That’s when Wendy showed sympathy for R. Kelly while sharing her story about meeting him.

She said “I’m not going to even belabor the point, I know things about R. Kelly that I will take to my grave — unless he tells them.”

Wendy said that when she met privately with R. Kelly no question was off limits and that he had answered everything she asked him, but she had promised him not to reveal the things he said.

But Wendy did to reveal to some, and remind others, that R. Kelly is illiterate, something that R. Kelly has confessed to in numerous interviews in the past.

She said “he can’t read, he can’t write and he can’t add, I won’t tell you about how he maneuvers through the world. I can’t understand not knowing how to read, write, or add and I don’t understand parents who unleash their kids—that’s it,’ she said, and cut herself off before bursting into tears.

It sounded like Wendy blamed the parents for their children ending up being held captive by R. Kelly and that was a big red flag for advertisers, especially in light of the current Time’s Up movement.  You can’t blame victims for being held against there will.  You just can’t!

And let me just say this, yes – at some point the women did give consent to R. Kelly and agree to be involved with him.  But what they’re saying is that they later REVOKED their consent.  And did NOT agree to be held captive. That is the issue at hand.

Anyway, after Wendy’s comments blaming the victims, network executives called a meeting asking Wendy to pull back on her on-air support for R. Kelly because they feared that the show could take a major hit from advertisers if she continued to publicly support R. Kelly.

A source told The DailyMail.com that network executives told Wendy  “If you lose advertisers over this, it’s going to be a problem. So it’s time to take a different approach to R. Kelly before your talk show is gone and you’re having to go on the road and open up for him.”

Can ya’ll imagine that?

So on a later episode, Wendy switched her stance.  This time when discussing the latest lawsuit against R. Kelly for infecting another woman with STDs Wendy said “At this point, what do you say? R. Kelly is apparently guilty of a lot of things. The law just has to catch up to the accusations. You know what I mean? I think more girls will probably come out and tell their stories… I think there will be more.”

Then she added ‘Where are the cops? How long will it take before another young lady comes out and they can ban together and call Gloria Allred or her daughter? R. Kelly, you need to lie on that sword.’

That was the COMPLETE opposite of her initial statements on R. Kelly.  And she purposely said that she felt R. Kelly was “guilty of a lot of things” so that she could keep advertisers and ultimately keep her show!

A source told the Daily Mail

Wendy loves her job. She lives to be on TV every day. The last thing she’s going to do is intentionally jeopardize this dream opportunity, not even for R. Kelly.

I don’t blame Wendy for not wanting to lose her job, especially over someone like R. Kelly!

But what do you think? If Wendy really does support R. Kelly personally, should she share that on the show?  Or should she continue to refer to him as guilty so that she can keep her show?

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2 thoughts on “Wendy William Almost Got Cancelled For Her Support Of R Kelly!

  • July 25, 2018 at 3:14 am

    Wendy never victim blamed. And she never defended R.Kelly. she said: What kind of parents would “release” your child to a known pedofile predator. Many ppl have said the same thing.
    Its like giving the killer a key to your house when the rest of your fam is sleeping. And we only blame the killer??? 😕 Nah…the parents on trial too!
    Wendy blamed the parents And R.Kelly. not the vicitms. I watched that whole episode. And been around all this since it first happened with Aaliyah. And HER parents did the same thing. No one in their community or circle has anything good to say about Aaliyahs parents. Some even say they sold their daughter to R. Kelly Not for music. They KNEW he was having sex with her l. Most ppl who know them have NO sympathy for them whatsoever. They were not the vicitms. Aaliyah was, now they live and eat off her celebrity. Smh Shameful.
    The parents dropping the kids off at Kelly’s are NOT the vicitms. Parents are to protect their children. I blame the parents too in some cases. AND R.Kelly is STILL a monster.
    Ppl get caught up thinking there can only be one victim and one vilan. There are multiple vilans and “bad guys”
    R.Kelly is Wrong. The parents are stupid and neglectful (at least)
    And the young women are vulnerable and used by the adults. (Including their.parents)
    Wendy said nothing wrong by Any standards. I would not have retracted my statement. I would have clarified it. Parents should be held reaponsible too if they “sell” their kids into show biz and do nothing to protect them. Even if you just hire them their OWN mngr. Do something to prevent the R. Kellys of the world from confiscating the kids for sexual purposes.

  • July 25, 2018 at 3:24 am

    Its like they’re feeding their kids to this monster…then everyone is ONLY upset at the monster. Well what about the ppl feeding him the kids??? Can we stop them too? Because the next R.kelly will come, along and all the parents will be standing in line to sell their kids off to the new one. Smh. Stop these money hungry, fame seeking, willing to sell the souls of their own KIDS-so called “Parents”
    Starve the beast then lock him up. And get him some help. He is an abuse victim turned perpetrator.
    And send the parents to a parenting class. Then get these girls some help too.

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