Vivica Fox CLAPS BACK At Phaedra Parks Over Phaedra’s Shady 50 Cent Comment

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Sooooo, in case you missed it, earlier today Ms. Phaedra Parks threw a little shade at actress Vivica A. Fox over none other than Fifty cent.

Phaedra posted a series of Instagram posts showing her with the cast of Power.  She was at the Power premiere party and it looked like she took pictures with everybody there, as if she was going to be on the show or something.

Anyway, in the very last picture she posted she shaded Vivica Fox in her caption.

She said:

You don’t rock with #Power??????? @50cent. . . .get the strap ✊🏾 Tune in now for Season5 🎉. Sidenote: Before y’all start the chatter he ain’t Mr. Chocolate. Everybody knows his strap will have you sprung for 20 years and ain’t nobody got time for that!!! I have 2 kings and too many jobs but he smells amazing and is plum fine so keep him in your top 3 fantasy roster 🏆

Now clearly that caption was directed toward Vivica, since Vivica Fox and 50 Cent dated almost 20 years ago and Vivica still does interviews about him!

Baller Alert and a couple other blogs picked up the shade in Phaedra’s caption and re-posted it, which apparently made Phaedra nervous.  So Phaedra sent Vivica Fox a message explaining the shady caption and blaming Baller Alert for trying to make it more than what it was.  She said:

Hello pretty! I hope all is well FYI I took a pic with 50 at Power premiere posted it and heard Baller Alert is trying to make it into some BS toward you and you know I adore you and have nothing but love for you.

Well, babayyyy, Ms Vivica Fox was not falling for the old banana in the tail pipe trick!  She saw straight through Phaedra’s message and clapped back on her Instagram.

She posted the message Phaedra sent her and said:

Hhhmm..when u have to break out dem receipts on another TOXIC CHICK! I SEE YOU! GURL BYE! I ain’t new to this I’m true to THIS! #RealTalk#BossMoves #ClassicBadChick 😻

Then she came back and added #getajob.  This is Vivica’s original post, and this is her updated post – so clearly Vivica had some more words for Phaedra.

She also posted this video along with the caption.


So what do you think? Do you think Phaedra was trying to shade Vivica in her post? Or was it somehow misinterpreted? Leave a comment and let me know!


Before you go, I also want to address the “Mr. Chocolate” reference, since Phaedra brought him up again.  And it is so funny to me who the real Mr. Chocolate is.

Last year I did a video where I decoded the messages that Mr. Chocolate sent Phaedra and that Apollo put on blast on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.  The messages were actually a “word from God” that none other than Pastor Jamal Bryant had for Phaedra.  Yes, Jamal Bryant was Mr. Chocolate! One of Phaedra’s former friends confirmed that it was Jamal Bryant last May.

Here is a what the messages that Apollo printed out said:

Mr Chocolate: God woke me up this morning to pray for you and He told me to tell you, He is going to shut the lion’s mouth for you and [He is going to do it because they said] it couldn’t be done, just walk upright.

Phaedra: Good morning prophet [sic]…

Mr. Chocolate: You better… got me up missing my beauty rest

So no, Fifty Cent definitely is NOT Mr. Chocolate because Jamal Bryant is Mr. Chocolate.  And he was “flirting” with Phaedra and giving her messages from God for her.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about Phaedra and Vivica going back and forth with each other.