Royce Reed Claims She Has The Receipts On Jennifer Saying Evelyn Slept With Shaq | Basketball Wives

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Basketball Wives has been bringing back a lot of the original cast mates these last two seasons.  And now that Royce Reed is jumping into the pot with Jen, Evelyn and Tami, I think she might be making a comeback too!

On last nights episode of Basketball Wives Tami Roman accused Jennifer Williams of spreading a rumor that Evelyn Lozada slept with Shaunie’s ex-husband Shaquille O’Neal.  Tami specifically said that about a year ago Jen had a conversation with her about Evelyn sleeping with Shaq.

And being that it’s no secret that Evelyn slept with Tami’s husband, it’s not hard to believe that Evelyn could also have slept with Shaunie’s ex-husband.

In any case, Jennifer tried to turn what Tami said around and make it seem like Tami was lying, and that Tami was just trying to stir up drama.  Jen said that on the show and she tweeted last night:

And after she said that, former Basketball Wives cast mate Royce Reed decided to jump into things.  She posted a couple pictures of her and Tami together on the show a few years back with the caption:

I don’t like reading comments based on edits! @tamiroman is still my girl and she’s NOT A liar! Ain’t sh!t changed! I got the messages too. Gnite. #TeamTami oh and don’t try to comment your opinions on another post…I don’t do IG for followers so I enjoy blocking ppl like y’all enjoy talkin sh!t


I was surprised to hear from Royce after all these years.  But now that she’s posting about the show, I wouldn’t be surprised if she comes back on it.  Tami shouted her out for her birthday on Instagram just the other day and pointed out that she is an “eagle” in a world full of “snakes.”

And apparently Royce also has the text messages proving that Jen did spread the rumor about Evelyn sleeping with Shaq.  So I wonder if she’s going to be returning to the show to verify Tami’s story.

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What do you think of this whole situation?

Do you think Tami is just trying to stir up drama?  Or do you think Jennifer is the one stirring up drama by spreading rumors in the first place?

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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