XXXTentacion Is Going To Be A Father!

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It looks like there is a silver lining in the tragic life story of XXXTentacion.  X’s mother revealed today on Instagram that X is actually expecting a baby!

She posted a picture on Instagram of an ultrasound of a fetus and captioned the picture:

He left us a final gift.

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From the information on the ultrasound, the baby was about 8 weeks and 3 days old when the ultrasound was done.

Xanarch Kitty confirmed the news on Instagram.  She posted on her insta-story the same ultrasound pic and said:

She didn’t actually say that she is the mother of XXXTentacion’s baby, however, many of X’s fans are saying that she is the mother.

She is a singer from Fort Lauderdale.  And her and X call each other brother and sister on social media. On the day X passed she posted:

So it’s not obvious what their exact relationship was.

But in any case I still want to congratulate X and the mother on the pregnancy.  X will live on through his child, and that’s one thing to be thankful for at this time.

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