Dr. G Requests Spousal Support From Quad! Who’s The Gold Digger Now? | Married To Medicine Season 6 Tea

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Before awarding alimony, a court must find that one spouse has financial need (Dr. G) and that the other has the ability to pay (Quad). Georgia courts will also consider whether one spouse’s behavior led to the breakdown of the marriage; a spouse who otherwise might have received alimony but committed adultery or abandoned the other spouse may be barred from receiving payments. Some of the factors impacting need and ability to pay include:

  • each spouse’s earning capacity, separate estate, financial resources, and debts
  • each spouse’s contributions to the marriage, including homemaking, child care, education, and career building for the other spouse
  • the marital standard of living
  • each spouse’s age, and physical and emotional condition
  • any time necessary for either spouse to obtain education and training for appropriate employment, and
  • the length of the marriage.

Do you think Dr. G will get awarded spousal support???

2 thoughts on “Dr. G Requests Spousal Support From Quad! Who’s The Gold Digger Now? | Married To Medicine Season 6 Tea

  • July 28, 2018 at 5:14 am

    Yeah 4 Dr. Gregory finally he’s seen the light,QUAD IS A FRAUD!!! She did marry him trying to step-up her life style, he only wanted to love her and THEIR BABY!!! She knew he wanted a family from the beginning and she has put every obstacle in the way not too. Even the wowen on the show have tried to get answers from her and she has refused to do so. I’m so glad they are divorcing, she is one cold,lying,ghetto witch. Take ur lies to someone else.

  • December 29, 2018 at 11:09 am

    IF Quad was the golddiggin’ opportunist looking for a come-up, wouldn’t she have followed the golden rule of all opportunistic golddiggers and spit out a baby for her narcissistic manchild of a husband right out of the gate? Sure she would have!!! Wouldn’t she also played happy stay at home wife/mother making sure that IF a divorce were to occur the bag for her most certainly been secured? Again, of course she would have. Quad may be a lot of things, but dumb and stupid certainly are not two of those things. Oh and please tell me…tell us all, what woman continues a friendship…claims and presents another woman as her BEST friend to the World, knowing that said friend had broken her sister’s heart …tore up her family by sleeping with the sister’s husband. No woman of sound mind, that’s who! Mariah is a calculating liar of the worst kind. Makin’ allegations without nary a receipt on those she has beef with. Has done so time and time, AND time again! Lies that make no sense whatsoever. Making the wholly unbelievable sans reciepts. Of which, she has none.

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