Kenya Moore Shares First Ultrasound Video Of Her Baby! Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 11 tea

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Kenya Moore is opening up more and more about her pregnancy these days, which I think is a beautiful thing.  First, just this past weekend, she was showing off her baby bump and the Atlanta Ultimate Women’s Expo.

And she even posted her first ever bump picture to Instagram. Her bump is still pretty small, so some haters, like Wendy Williams, still weren’t convinced that she’s really pregnant.  But Kenya says she was encouraged by the onslaught of  positive comments she got about her finally revealing her baby bump.

And it looks like Kenya was encouraged to share even more of her pregnancy journey with the world.  Kenya just posted this ultrasound of the first time she heard her baby’s heart beat.

These are precious, precious moments that Kenya is starting to share with the world.  And I hope we get to see more of them next season on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.  As I showed you in another video, Kenya did say that she wants to share her pregnancy journey with the viewers of Real Housewives of Atlanta if there is a next season for her.

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So, hopefully Kenya sharing these moments with us now is a sign that she’ll be sharing more next season on the show.  There have been rumors that some Bravo producers do not really believe that Kenya is really pregnant.  Remember, Bravo can’t make Kenya “prove to them that she’s pregnant because of HIPPA laws.”  So being that Bravo can’t make Kenya prove to them that she’s pregnant do you think Kenya is trying to prove her pregnancy now by posting bump pictures and an ultrasound video to Instagram.

Or do you think she is just getting more comfortable with her pregnancy now and more willing to share?

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