Drake’s Dad Calls Out WENDY WILLIAMS! He Calls Her RUPAUL JR After She Dissed Drake On Her Show Today

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Drake’s Dad, Dennis Graham, is BIG mad at Wendy Williams for her coverage of the beef between Drake and Pusha T on the Wendy Williams show today.

Dennis Graham is definitely on the ‘gram and today Dennis posted:

Now the reason Drake’s Dad probably lost all respect for Wendy is because she seemed to revel in the way Pusha T exposed Drake! She was definitely Team Pusha T, and she actually asked him to dig up some more dirt on Drake!

But before that, Wendy went in on Drake and the black face picture:

And then Wendy brought up how Pusha T dissed Drake’s Dad:



Pusha T has said that he’s dealing in facts all summer and that everything that he’s said is a fact.  Do y’all think what he said about Drake’s Dad is a fact? Leave a comment and let me know!





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