Video Of Kenya Moore Admitting She Doesn’t Have A Peach For RHOA Season 11 Yet

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You guys who have been following me for some time now know that I like to report facts on my channel, and I like to get down to the bottom of things.  Even if it means I have to do some calculations and figure out myself what’s really going on!

Well, lately there have been conflicting reports saying, on one side, that Kenya has not been invited to return for filming for Season 11 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  And on the other side, there are reports saying that she has been invited back but she is still working out her contract.

The RHOA contracts were allegedly handed out the same week that the first part of the RHOA reunion aired, which was the week ending April 7.  And that’s when I first reported that Sheree was fired.  I posted my video announcing to y’all that Sheree’s peach was snatched on April 6. There’s a link to that video in the upper right hand corner if you missed it.

On April 9, after the first part of the Season 10 Reunion aired, Kenya went live on Instagram to talk about her pregnancy, which she had just revealed.  But in the video she also mentioned that she had not yet been invited back for Season 11 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  I know people are saying that Kenya has been pretending to have a peach, but in this video, which was recorded after contracts were handed out the first week of April – and Sheree didn’t receive one, Kenya humbly says that she has not been invited back yet for Season 11:



So Kenya humbly admitted, after contracts were handed out, that she had not yet been invited back for Season 11.  That was April 9, today is May 28.  So that means for 7 weeks Kenya’s contract has been up in the air.

And like I pointed out in my video just the other day, Real Housewives of Atlanta producers gave themselves a way to write Kenya off the show on the final episode when they pointed out that Kenya might not even live in Atlanta anymore.

The fact that it’s taking upwards of 7 weeks for Kenya to negotiate her contract is not a good sign to me.  In my opinion, it’s not concrete proof that her peach has been snatched.  But it’s not a good sign that she’s coming back either.

But what do you think? Does 7 weeks of contract negotiations sound like an extremely long time to you? And do you think Kenya will be returning to the show with a peach next season?  Or do you believe the reports that her peach has officially been snatched?

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