Teyana Taylor Reveals She Wasn’t Paid For The Kanye West Video Either!

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If you’ve been following this story with Azealia Banks and Teyana Taylor then you know Azealia called out Teyana for allegedly stealing choreography from her friend, Matt Pasterisa.  I did a video on that earlier today, so click the link in the top right of this video if you need to catch up.

Well now Teyana Taylor has finally responded to the allegations! She posted this on her Instagram:

Azealia Banks chose not to respond to Teyana and instead responded to a fan comment about the situation:

@bornready_matt decided to respond on his Instagram and he provided the clarity that Teyana asked him for:

So clearly Matt is saying that he felt “stolen from” because he didn’t get paid for his work.  Which I’m sure is a bad feeling.  And apparently Teyana knows how that feels as well because she responded to him and said she didn’t get paid for dancing in the Kanye West video either!

Here is her response:

2011 👀👀👀 (video uploaded to YouTube a year later once we knew for sure it was not being used by bey) Why didn’t you respond directly to me Matt?? @bornready_matt First off, FADE was something that was VERY spontaneous! Anyone that knows how Kanye is, knows that spontaneous is his get down. Newsflash! I did “Dark Fantasy” 3 hrs before he had to turn in MBDTF, and guess what??? I was NEVER credited!!! That’s the difference, you were! But it was nonetheless still a good look & a Blessing for me, in which I recognized that, and didn’t feel so called “stolen from”. NOONE knew he was going to even put the video out! Therefore NOONE got paid!!! Not even Me!!! It was an amazing look for EVERYONE involved INCLUDING YOU!!! In which you prematurely jumped in your feelings thinking that you weren’t credited. Do I need to post screenshots of your apologies saying that you jumped to conclusions?? Do we need to open up that can of worms?? Do we need to post the screenshots of the convo between my mom/manager and your manager just yesterday?? This could have all been avoided if you would have checked your friend from the gate. And for the record, only a very small portion of our choreo that WE created that was used to present to Beyonce for “End Of Time”, but was never used because she got pregnant with Blu was even used. I was actually extending you a look, but you were being too narrow minded to even see your Blessing! WE’VE BEEN CREATING WHAT YOU CALL “our legacy” since 2005!!! Never forget! P.S. funny how you posted a video of you teaching a dance class doing this choreo, but if my memory serves me correctly, isn’t this the same time I submitted OUR video to @tytryone for consideration for Bey? 🧐 IT WAS NEVER A SECRET THIS PORTION OF THE CHOREO WAS OLD AND WAS ORIGINALLY CREATED FOR BEYONCE! IVE SAID THAT IN EVERY INTERVIEW! And GO BACK AND READ YA OWN INTERVIEWS OF U ADMITTING WE CREATED THE CHOREO TOGETHER. U WANTED CLOUT HERE U GO! Enjoy! And you was just smiling in my face at the @juniebeenails salon opening! Lol a couple of months ago.

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So, it sounds like Kanye West didn’t pay anybody! Not Teyana and certainly not Matt! And, in my opinion, that’s terrible! Personally, I need more than credit or a “look” for my work – I need a check!

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People always say stuff is going to pay off in the long run.  But I don’t think that should stop someone from getting a check right now!

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