Wendy Williams AND HER MOTHER Get Dragged On Mother’s Day

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All Wendy Williams wanted to do today was wish her Mom a Happy Mother’s Day, just like the rest of us.  But, as we know, the Internet has no chill.  And the Internet dragged Wendy and her mother on her Instagram post.

Wendy posted a picture of her and her mother on her @wendyshow instagram account and captioned the picture:

Happy #MothersDay to all the wonderful moms out there especially mine.

And the comment section quickly fell into shambles as people pointed out everything “wrong” with this picture of Wendy and her mother.


I don’t want to get into the rude things people said not only about Wendy, but her mother, because the comments were just TOO disrespectful.

But I do want to talk about questions about Wendy Williams and her mom’s racial identity.  Some people seemed to be confused as to whether Wendy’s mother was White or Black, like these people who commented:



Some people decided that Wendy’s mother couldn’t possibly be Black because of the texture of her skin.  Like these people who commented:

But, in fact, Wendy’s mother is Black.  She is African-American with some Italian ancestry.  Wendy Williams has said herself that her Mom is Black, so there shouldn’t even be a question.  But because Wendy’s mom LOOKS to be tanned, like from a tanning bed or from the sun, people have a hard time believing that she is Black.

But, if you watch the Wendy Williams show, then you know that Wendy’s parents live in Florida, which is likely why her mother looks to so tanned.  Some Black people’s skin does start to take on that texture when they are tanned, just like White people.  And that shouldn’t cause people to question their race, in my opinion.

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But what do you think? Did you think Wendy’s mom was Caucasian?  And do you think Wendy will address how people are going in on her AND her mom on her show tomorrow?

I’ll be watching.

2 thoughts on “Wendy Williams AND HER MOTHER Get Dragged On Mother’s Day

  • May 10, 2019 at 9:50 pm

    Wendy’s mother is caucasian regardless of what she says. The one drop of black blood is a racist and derogatory principle that was set up by racist to separate anyone who had a connection to black ancestries regardless of how minor it is. Not even the Nazis used this “one drop black blood” rule to exterminate the Jews. Wendy’s mother may have some black in her, but she isn’t black; it isn’t the dominant race in her DNA. I don’t understand why anyone who has a bit of black in them has to identify as black unless it gives them some credence. However, they shouldn’t need it. They are unique individuals.

  • May 20, 2019 at 10:30 am

    Wendy’s mother is Jewish and white. She speaks like an old Jewish woman and according to Wendy on the show today, was celebrating her birthday eating lox and bagels. Why do people want to believe that her mother is black?


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