Pep’s New Boo’s PREGNANT WIFE Puts Her On Blast AGAIN! Growing Up Hip Hop Storyline or Nah?

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Pep from legendary rap group ‘Salt n Pepa’ and the reality tv show “Growing Up Hip Hop” showed off her new boo, Aundre Dean, during Kentucky Derby weekend recently.  But when she posted him to social media yesterday, along with a long birthday message for him, their love fest was interrupted, by his wife!


His wife’s name is Jordyn Taylor, and she’s a pregnant teacher and former news personality, and she had plenty to say about their relationship.  She reposted Pep’s birthday message to Aundre and said:

When mistresses talk about God… it’s laughable! “Keep being a good dad?” @iamaundre can’t keep his visitations with his son because @darealpepa is parading him around the country. Still, I blame him for this! News check… Good dads pay child support & don’t break in and vandalize their wives apartments. Good dads also don’t stress their pregnant wives out for 15 minutes of fame with a D list “has been” senior citizen celebrity… Still, I release you both in the name of Jesus. God bless u #GUHH #heresyour15minutesoffame. Liar… saying she was your boss. Introducing me to her & asking me if SHE could be our daughter’s god mother! #fatheroftheyear


It’s not clear if Aundre and Jordyn are legally separated.  The two just posted their baby’s gender reveal on Instagram this past December. And they posted their Christmas pics too.  So it seems the split is fairly recent, and may not be official yet.

But it is clear that Pep met them as a couple! Jordyn posted a video of “Auntie Pep” giving her “chocolate kisses” back in August with the caption:

When “Auntie” Sandra helped me celebrate my birthday last August! @darealpepa#DontPokeALion#LeoSeasonAllYear#auntiewantedtolickmypeach#nothanks

So it sounds like some weird stuff was going on with the THREE of them, if Pep was allegedly trying to get with the wife first.  I’m not going to get into all that but it just sounds like Aundre was trying to have both Pep and his wife at the same time, and that’s why Pep was flirting with his wife Jordyn in the first place.  And when that didn’t work out, he ended up with Pep.

What it also sounds like is a storyline for Growing Up Hip Hop.  The new season of GUHH premieres May 24th, so it sounds like they may be working together to get some buzz going for Pep’s storyline before the season premiere.

Pep’s daughter, Egypt, who is supposed to be starring in Growing Up Hip Hop, not her Mom, reacted to the drama.  First she commented:

and then she posted:

Pep’s daughter Egypt is only 19 and she seems like a really good girl.  You don’t usually see her on social media getting in grown folks conversations like you do other people’s kids.  So the fact that she commented on this confirms to me that this will be part of her and her mom’s GUHH storyline.

Anyway! Aundre Dean’s wife doesn’t seem like she’s going to be taking all this sitting down, pregnant or not.  She just posted on Instagram today a throwback picture of herself before she got pregnant.  And she threw shade at Pepa’s “peach” in her caption. She said:


Salt n Pepa and En Vogue are teaming up for a special performance at the Billboard Awards to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Salt n Pepa becoming the first female rap artists to hit the top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100.  And it’s a shame that their performance might be overshadowed by this mess.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think! Do you think Pep stole this pregnant woman’s husband?  Do you think it’s a threesome gone wrong?

And if you want more commentary on this situation, check out my girl Jaylee’s Corner.  I will leave a link to her video in the description box and at the end of this video.