Pastor Jamal Bryant and Singer Tweet Break Up! Tweet Confirms They’re Over!

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Say it ain’t so! I know a lot of people had faith in this relationship, but Jamal Bryant and R & B singer Tweet have called it off!! They have officially broken up and Tweet has confirmed it!

Tweet posted a letter to her “future husband” on Instagram on Sunday and said:

So obviously if Tweet is still looking for her future husband, then Jamal Bryant is not the one!! This seemed to surprise some of Tweet’s fans, like one who commented:

Nevermind is right because apparently Tweet and Jamal Bryant have been over.

Tweet’s daughter Shenice even confirmed that Tweet is now officially single.  She commented:

…to which Tweet responded:

Tweet has been posting messages about “fake people” for a few weeks now. Like these posts:

And I think her recent trip to Cabo was actually a celebration of her being newly single because she posted:

And since that trip she has been posting motivational messages about women taking care of yourself and putting yourself first. Like this one where she says:

So the question is, what did Pastor Jamal Bryant do to lose a woman like Tweet? I think most people would assume that he cheated on her, since that’s what he is known for.

His affairs while being married to Gizelle Bryant, who is currently on the Real Housewives of Potomac, are very well known.  And she is even writing a “fictional” book about them to try to make some money off of what he did.

So, the people want to know, did he cheat on Tweet too? And is that why they’ve broken up?

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If you recall, Jamal Bryant was accused of fathering a child in 2015 with a massage therapist, and not financially supporting the child.

The child support case seemed to be settled, and Jamal Bryant announced his relationship with Tweet in 2016 on an episode of The Preachers.

Tweet has not yet given details on why their relationship is now over.  But Jamal Bryant did post this cryptic tweet this morning:

So maybe Jamal feels like Tweet didn’t love ALL of him.  Obviously, Jamal Bryant comes with a LOT to deal with.  He seems to lack self-control when it comes to women.  And if he really was not taking care of his own flesh and blood, that’s another issue!

So what do y’all think? Do y’all think Jamal Bryant was cheating on Tweet too? Do you think Tweet just couldn’t accept ALL of him, including the cheating? Leave a comment and let me know!

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