Jess Hilarious Calls Nicki Minaj Bitter And Depressed!!

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Since when did an unfollow become that serious?

Jess Hilarious recently went off on Nicki Minaj stans for comments they left on her social media after she called Nicki Minaj “bitter and depressed”.  Jess Hilarious posted to her social media

Man there is clearly something wrong with Nicki these days; And y’all stupid ass BARBZ should be the first to know since y’all know everything else.  Now when I say that, I’m a “hater”.  Y’all a bunch of stupid b*tches I swear wh’s just as f*cked up as she is if y’all think she’s doing just find Bc she got money.  Shorty f*cked up, SHE’S BITTER AND DEPRESSED…y’all wanna do somethin HELP Y’ALL LEADER