Amara La Negra Apologizes For Blac Chyna Forehead Joke

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In case you mentioned it, Amara La Negra got dragged in her own comment section for “shading” Blac Chyna’s forehead and suggesting that Blac Chyna had surgery to make her forehead appear smaller.  Here’s what Amara La Negra said:

And here are just a few of the hundreds of comments about her Blac Chyna surgery joke:

So after reading hundreds of comments like this, Amara decided to apologize for saying Blac Chyna had forehead surgery, which btw, I don’t think she did.

So what do you think about Amara’s joke about Blac Chyna having forehead surgery? Why do you think she assumed Blac Chyna had forehead surgery? Do you think it was out of line for her to say that? Leave a comment and let me know!

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