Tamar Blames Her Mother, Miss Evelyn, For How RUDE She Was On Steve Harvey’s Talk Show

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At some point we all have to grow up and be responsible for our actions.  But for Tamar Braxton, that time is yet to come.  She blamed her rude behavior on the Steve Harvey talk show, on her mother, Miss Evelyn!!

She co-hosted the “Straight Talk” panel segment of the Steve Harvey talk show alongside Tami Roman and Brooke Burke on Tuesday.  Tamar knew not to try Tami, but the way she talked to Brooke was rude.  She talked down to her as if Brooke didn’t know better than to leave her kids with strangers.  And viewers could tell that Brooke did not think Tamar’s comments were funny.

Check out my girl Daytime Tea Time’s video for the full story on that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9QJ0O6THvU

Well, Tamar must have heard the feedback from her appearance because she actually got on Instagram and apologized for over-talking Brooke.  But Tamar had the nerve to blame her mother, Miss Evelyn Braxton, for her rude behavior!

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